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New Game Guidelines

It has been decided that, for the betterment of the group and the convenience of our President that this fanfiction will turn into a roleplaying game. Rules are simple: instead of one person writing all the parts, we would all contribute, posting our own narration and dialogue.  Before beginning character interaction, everyone will submit their own profiles describing themselves (or how they want to be potrayed in the game), and it will be in this format: 

Name: The name you wish to go by

Age: How old you want to be

Personality: Your personality, described in 5 adjectives/concepts or less

Miracle Guy: Self-explanatory, just put which one you've claimed

Played by: Only applies if you want to be pictured as someone other than yourself, like a celebrity or something.  If that's not what you want, just put "N/A" 


Once all those are in, we can decide amongst ourselves which guys we are being for which girls...meaning, if I for instance want Buzzy (which I do for the record), I can't be him and my character.  So someone else would be Buzzy, and I could be Johnson for someone else, and then someone else could be Rammer for someone else and so on and so forth until all the guys are playing opposite their girls.  Then, we can start...woot woot.

Any questions?  Just post a comment, and I'll do my best to alleviate confusion.  Otherwise, get right on those profiles, and post them as comments to Manda's opening post.  

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