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Welcome and Rules

Our History:
Some girls have been having AIM chats. It started out as the Association to Get Pav Laid because we think Pav is an Uber-Virgin and needs some play. But it has grown to so much more than that. We come together to discuss out Miracle boys, their bodies, stuff like that. You will have to join and find out the mysterious happenings of the Association.

Amanda (me): Madame President
Libby: co-Vice President
Janine: co-Vice President
Meg: Secretary

How to Join:
contact Amanda (AIM: HerRoyalPavlines)
Libby (AIM: elizabeth17x)
Janine (AIM: LadybugJB476)
-tell us who you are, how old you are, Miracle boy of choice and reason for wanting to join.

-read boy claims CAREFULLY. there is no harm in saying "OC is so hot" but saying he is "yours" if he is not will make people mad at you
-all claims ARE final.
-please, NO WHINING
-respect eachother. we will respect you.
-have a sense of humor. things get crazy and wild. roll with it. it makes it fun for everyone if you do.
-represent the Association at all times.
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