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My fic about rammer and me

alrighty girls libs fic got me thinking about my fic between so here is what I got. I'm warning you I'M NOT THE GREATEST WRITER!! BEWARE HEHE! hope you all like this. I am not a good writer but I am trying my best. give me some feedback please

Mike Ramsey was sitting at a table with his teammates when Bah Harrington said," man i wish some good looking chicks would come in now." Mike rolled his eyes as his comment saying," is that all you think about is hot chicks man?" He looked at mike and shook his head and said,"yes." All the guys laughed at the thought of him getting a women; Harrington of the pack was the ladies man and he loved the women and they sure did love him. Just as that happened 4 unibeviable beautiful girls walked in and sat down at the table not to far from them. They all watched the girls who were talking and laughing with each other. "Man Oh Man,"Bah said out loud; they sure are some goregous girls. Mike nodded at that and looked in particular at the one with short brown hair wear a tan short skirt, black tank top, and slim black jacket. She had a goregous smile and beautful figure and loved how the her hair hit face slightly when she laughed. He was totally in love with her and he had no clue who she was. He saw a hand wave in her face just as that happened; they guys all laughed at him, "man you see someone you like over there or what in hell are you looking at?" He nodded and said,"yeah, you see that girl in short tan skirt and short brown hair laughing?" They all nodded and said,"yeah she is a cute girl." Mike nodded and said,"I'm gonna go say something to her." Go get her mike, they all said to him as he got up and began to walk over.

Meg looked at her friends then calmly saying," I am so glad I came tonight with you girls; I have no clue why I wanted to stay home and watch a movie; I am having a lot of fun. Libby looked at her laughed," well it took some persuavsiveness to get out girl and were all glad you came." as that happened manda looked up the good looking, tall, brown haired hockey player that was coming to the table and coughed so everyone would notice. Meg looked over at the guy and her jaw dropped; he was so cute and handsome she thought to herself as he was walking straight to her. She looked at her friends smiling widly. He finally got to the table and calmly said,"Hi, I'm Mike; I noticed you from across the room and was wondering if you would like to dance." Sure," she stuttered out as getting up from the grinning widly as her friends. They made there way slowly onto the dance floor as she looked at him laughed,"by the way I'm Meg." He looked at her and laughed back with her and he loved the way the lights hit her face.

They began dancing with the music laughing and talking with each other; she noticed her friends out on the dance floor; Manda and Pav were hitting it off completly; Billy and Janine were dancing slowly to the music and so were Johnson and Libby. she was so glad she came here tonight and it was so awesome that her friends were having a great time. A slow song came on the dance floor and her grip around his neck became tighter as they moved to a secluded spot on the dance floor as he tighted his grip around her waist to the music he could her heartbeat rapidly going and so was his. He then backed up taking her head in his hands as she blused deeply red as he whispered to her," Meg, I think you are the most amazing girl I have ever met and I think you have the most goregous eyes he said as he leaned to kiss her softly on the lips. He could feel her hearbeat go faster and faster and could smell the sweet smell of her perfume. She could smell the taste of beer on his breath and could smell his colenge as he kissed her more as she ran her hands through his hair. They finally broke apart and she smiled sweetly to her. "soo....wanna get out here go for a walk or something?" she looked at him and said,"Yes mike I would love to do that." They both walked off the dancefloor and out the club door holding hands not knowing what was going to happen next.
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