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**The Association**

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[10 Sep 2004|04:04pm]


so.. no one really posts in here anymore so im wondering if we should just delete the journal?? majority should rule... so post your comment yes or no.



thanks guys, love heatherrrr

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Some colllages that I think you girls might like... [01 Aug 2004|12:49pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

I made these a couple nights ago..lol, enjoy them!!!

There are:

  • 2 Chris Koch ( I screwed up on one of them lol)
  • 1 Michael Mantenuto
  • 1 Nate Miller
  • 1 Nick Postle
  • 1 Bobby Hanson
  • 1 Eddie Cahill
  • 1 Paddy Demsey
  • 1 Billy Schneider
  • 1 Eric PK
  • 1 Joe Cure
  • 2 of all of  them


CollagesCollapse )

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VOTE ON IT!!! [28 Jul 2004|11:55pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

Which of our sexy Miracle boys do you think is the most well endowed?
Yeah, catch my drift, lol...so vote already..
Nick Postle
Chris Koch
Bobby Hanson
Billy Schneider
Nate Miller
Joseph Cure
Nathan West
This Poll by feelin_infinite
Click here to view results
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Hey girls!! [22 Jul 2004|10:59am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey girls! I'm back!! My computer was completely out of commission for the past week so I had to wait for the restore CD's to come. Then we finally got DSL today so I'm finally catching up on everything. TTYL! Ciao!

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Point of Order [13 Jul 2004|11:55pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I think it's lovely that you all want to share your personal fantasies and fanfic encounters with your favorite Miracle men, but...that's not what this journal's for. This journal is for a roleplaying game. If you all think it would be a good idea to create a journal strictly for fanfiction, then by all means, bring that to the table. But otherwise, no posting the stories here anymore, if you don't mind.

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My fic about rammer and me [12 Jul 2004|10:50pm]

alrighty girls libs fic got me thinking about my fic between so here is what I got. I'm warning you I'M NOT THE GREATEST WRITER!! BEWARE HEHE! hope you all like this. I am not a good writer but I am trying my best. give me some feedback please

Mike Ramsey was sitting at a table with his teammates when Bah Harrington said," man i wish some good looking chicks would come in now." Mike rolled his eyes as his comment saying," is that all you think about is hot chicks man?" He looked at mike and shook his head and said,"yes." All the guys laughed at the thought of him getting a women; Harrington of the pack was the ladies man and he loved the women and they sure did love him. Just as that happened 4 unibeviable beautiful girls walked in and sat down at the table not to far from them. They all watched the girls who were talking and laughing with each other. "Man Oh Man,"Bah said out loud; they sure are some goregous girls. Mike nodded at that and looked in particular at the one with short brown hair wear a tan short skirt, black tank top, and slim black jacket. She had a goregous smile and beautful figure and loved how the her hair hit face slightly when she laughed. He was totally in love with her and he had no clue who she was. He saw a hand wave in her face just as that happened; they guys all laughed at him, "man you see someone you like over there or what in hell are you looking at?" He nodded and said,"yeah, you see that girl in short tan skirt and short brown hair laughing?" They all nodded and said,"yeah she is a cute girl." Mike nodded and said,"I'm gonna go say something to her." Go get her mike, they all said to him as he got up and began to walk over.

Meg looked at her friends then calmly saying," I am so glad I came tonight with you girls; I have no clue why I wanted to stay home and watch a movie; I am having a lot of fun. Libby looked at her laughed," well it took some persuavsiveness to get out girl and were all glad you came." as that happened manda looked up the good looking, tall, brown haired hockey player that was coming to the table and coughed so everyone would notice. Meg looked over at the guy and her jaw dropped; he was so cute and handsome she thought to herself as he was walking straight to her. She looked at her friends smiling widly. He finally got to the table and calmly said,"Hi, I'm Mike; I noticed you from across the room and was wondering if you would like to dance." Sure," she stuttered out as getting up from the grinning widly as her friends. They made there way slowly onto the dance floor as she looked at him laughed,"by the way I'm Meg." He looked at her and laughed back with her and he loved the way the lights hit her face.

They began dancing with the music laughing and talking with each other; she noticed her friends out on the dance floor; Manda and Pav were hitting it off completly; Billy and Janine were dancing slowly to the music and so were Johnson and Libby. she was so glad she came here tonight and it was so awesome that her friends were having a great time. A slow song came on the dance floor and her grip around his neck became tighter as they moved to a secluded spot on the dance floor as he tighted his grip around her waist to the music he could her heartbeat rapidly going and so was his. He then backed up taking her head in his hands as she blused deeply red as he whispered to her," Meg, I think you are the most amazing girl I have ever met and I think you have the most goregous eyes he said as he leaned to kiss her softly on the lips. He could feel her hearbeat go faster and faster and could smell the sweet smell of her perfume. She could smell the taste of beer on his breath and could smell his colenge as he kissed her more as she ran her hands through his hair. They finally broke apart and she smiled sweetly to her. "soo....wanna get out here go for a walk or something?" she looked at him and said,"Yes mike I would love to do that." They both walked off the dancefloor and out the club door holding hands not knowing what was going to happen next.
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It's Me Megs!! [11 Jul 2004|11:32pm]

Hey my Assocation Gals!!

Its me megs! glad I found this here and i'm excited to be here! WHOO HOOO!!! thanks libs for tellin me about this!!! i go home thursday so I'll be able to post alot more here!! see you all later! miss you all bunches!
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my fanfic about me & Johnson [12 Jul 2004|12:15am]

I *just* did this tonight. give thoughts if you like.

Johnson & Libby

Libby was sitting at the bar that night with her three closest girlfriends from college. Amanda, a fiesty redheaded Irish-girl who was 23; Meg, a sweet brownhaired girl of 20, and Janine, a gorgeous African Amercian girl who was 21. Libby herself was the youngest, a mere 19, but she was witty and could hold her own. Libby was tall, blonde and has breathtakingly blue eyes. She was a pre-Law student at UM. All the girls looked exceptionally cute, and Libby had planned her outfit to wear for hours. A black halter-neck top, and a short red skirt with sandals. She loved dressing up.

Mark Johnson sat at the bar with his hockey buddies. These were not ANY hockey players; this was the soon to be 1980 Olympic Hockey team. Mark was a nice, sweet guy of 22. Light brown hair topped his head, and he had large, bright blue eyes. He was tall, about 6'3'' but not intimidating at all. On the contrary, he was almost shy, especially when it came to girls. Or his hockey skills. It was pretty much established that Mark was the best player on the team. Everyone knew, and even Makr knew, but he wasn't arrogant enough to flaunt it. He just took everything in stride and was thankful for the gift he had been given.

The girls sat around eyeing the boys in the room. Libby had a special penchant for hockey players, and all her friends knew it. The only thing was, she knew that most hockey players had major egos, and she had definitely experienced this before; so she was always careful around them.

The hockey team sat drinking, talking laughing and checking out the girls in the room. Most of the boys were single and looking to have some fun that night. Some were dancing, others were hanging around the bar trying to pick up a girl. But Mark just sat and watched. As soon as he came in, a lovely blonde girl has caught his attention. He could not stop looking at her the entire night. Eventually, his teammates began to notice his quietness and realized he had a girl on his mind. This girl just happened to be Libby.

"Hey bro....who'yah eyein'?" asked Bah Harrington.

"Yea man, you've barely said a word all night and you havent even touched your beer, whats the problem?" Jim Craig chimed in.

"See the girl over there, by the bar? The blonde one in the red skirt with those three other girls?" replied Mark.

"Yea, I see her, she's cute. You like her or somethin'? Jim said,

Mark blushes and takes a sip of his beer, visibly flustered.

"Oh my gawd, you totally like this chick, " Jack O'Callahan busts in from the other end of the table, "go talk to her! Get up you chicken! Go dance or something!"

"I don't know. She probably has a boyfriend or something," Mark replies.

"Yea, well you'll nevah know until yah go find out," Jack insists, "I'll go talk to her if you won't" as he gets up before Mark has a chance to stop him.

"Hi, I'm Jack, whats your name?" Jack approaches Libby.

"I'm Libby, Jack, it's nice to meet you." Libby says

"Uh, see that table with all the guys at it? The guy in the red plaid shirt? Well, he think's youre cute and he wants to know if you have a boyfriend becasue he's too shy to come over and talk to you if he's going to get rejected." Jack explains.

"Hum. Are you guys hockey players?" Libby inquires

"Well,yea, we're trying out to be on the olympic team, we're here for a few months."

"Oh wow. Well, um, no, I dont have a boyfriend. Whats your friend's name?"

"Mark Johnson. He's a really good guy."

"Tell Mark I think he's pretty cute and he should come talk to me."

"Will do! Later sweetheart."

Jack goes back to the boys and tells the news to Johnson. Johnson suddenly gets very nervous, but excited as well. He decided to go and talk to Libby.

Libby gets nervous as well. She's usually outgoing, but can get very very nervous and a guy she likes. She sees Johnson walking across the bar.

"Hi......I'm Mark, my friend Jack sent me over." Mark says tentatively

"Hi! I'm Libby, it's nice to meet you Mark!" Libby replies enthusiastically. The two immediately hit it off. Libby is very impressed at Mark's eloquence, as some hockey players she knows are quite the brutes. Mark is entralled by Libby's eyes, and the way the bites her lip when she's thinking of something to say. They talk about school, and their families, and seem to have a lot in common as they hit it off very well.

"Would you...like to dance?" Johnson finally gets the nerve to ask Libby.

"Of course i would! I love to dance! Lets go!" Libby takes Johnson's hand as he leads her out to the dance floor.

The two dance together all night, until Libby's friend Amanda pulls her away for a few seconds.

"You REALLY like him, don't you, Lib??" Amanda grins and she sees how happy Libby is.

"Yea, I really do. He's a hockey player Mand, and he's sooo sweet, you wouldnt believe it."

"Well, there's this guy that was sitting at his table....the one in the hat....see him? I think he's adorable. You need to ask Mark if he's a nice guy. Please Lib???"

"Sure thing! Hold on a sec."

Libby goes to find Johnson and asks about the guy in the hat.

"Pav? Oh yea! He's a great guy! Mark Pavelich. He's 22, and kinda shy. But he's a really good kid. Smart, helluva player, real decent. Do you want me to introduce you?"

"Well, see, Its my friend Amanda," Libby points out Amanda across the room, "she's been eyeing him and she wants to meet him...could you help me?"

"Of course" Mark says.

Amanda and Pav hit it off terrificaly and soon Libby and Johnson were bac on the dance floor. During fast songs, He's put his hands on her hips as she pressed against his body. During slow songs, Libby would rest her head on Johnson's shoulder and let him just hold her as they moved along with the music.

"Do you want to come back to my room? It's not too far from here," Johnson's heart beat wildly as he asked Libby, he had never been so farward with a girl he just met. But he had a special feeling about her.

"Sure," Libby replied, her heart beating wildly as well, because she was usually pretty reserved with guys.

Johnson takes her hand as they walk out of the club and down the street to the dormitories where the team was staying. They walk up the stairs hand in hand, and stop outside the door to his room. Johnson take Libby's face in his hands and says,

"Elizabeth, you have the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, " as he kisses her softly on the cheek. The light kisses then move slowly to the mouth, and Libby reciprocates them, and her heart flutters because he is the most amazing kisser she has ever experienced. She feels so comfortable with him.

"Should we go inside?" Libby asks after a few minutes of kissing in the hall. "Absolutley," Johnson replies. The move into his room and continue their makeout on his bed.

As much as they both wanted to stay, and as much as Libby loved the way Johnson held her, and he loved the way she ran her fingers thorugh his hair, they both knew that Libby had to leave sometime.

"Mark........" Libby tries to say it, "I really should be going, I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow"

"You know, I wouldnt make you do anything you didnt want to do...I'm not like that," Mark tells her,

"No...no! I know that, Mark," Libby senses what he is saying, "but i really do have a lot of thise to do tomorrow, and I just cant stay...I hope you understand."

"Of course, of course, It's completely alright. Can I call you tomorrow, then?"

"Yea, I hope you do!" Libby replies, "I'll see you later Mark, " as she gives him one last sweet kiss goodbye, "I don't want to leave either."

And she walks out of the room, wishing she didn't have to go.
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New Game Guidelines [11 Jul 2004|09:17pm]

[ mood | creative ]

It has been decided that, for the betterment of the group and the convenience of our President that this fanfiction will turn into a roleplaying game. Rules are simple: instead of one person writing all the parts, we would all contribute, posting our own narration and dialogue.  Before beginning character interaction, everyone will submit their own profiles describing themselves (or how they want to be potrayed in the game), and it will be in this format: 

Name: The name you wish to go by

Age: How old you want to be

Personality: Your personality, described in 5 adjectives/concepts or less

Miracle Guy: Self-explanatory, just put which one you've claimed

Played by: Only applies if you want to be pictured as someone other than yourself, like a celebrity or something.  If that's not what you want, just put "N/A" 


Once all those are in, we can decide amongst ourselves which guys we are being for which girls...meaning, if I for instance want Buzzy (which I do for the record), I can't be him and my character.  So someone else would be Buzzy, and I could be Johnson for someone else, and then someone else could be Rammer for someone else and so on and so forth until all the guys are playing opposite their girls.  Then, we can start...woot woot.

Any questions?  Just post a comment, and I'll do my best to alleviate confusion.  Otherwise, get right on those profiles, and post them as comments to Manda's opening post.  

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Opening Chapter [11 Jul 2004|08:57pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

June, 1979, St. Paul Minnesota.

7 girls sat at a table close to the bar, in the middle of the room. On their left is one group of hockey players, from the Midwest, and on their right is another group of hockey players, from New England.

The girl’s interest was also split in half, depending on which table’s occupants caught her attention. It seemed like it was an even draw; half the girls were enchanted with the Midwestern boys, the other half with the New Englanders.

The girls themselves were a unique bunch…they were on summer break from school, and had decided to stay the summer in St. Paul. Little did they know that their summer was about to be one of the most important ones of their lives.

The following is their account of the events, and the happenings of that one magical summer.

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Welcome and Rules [11 Jul 2004|04:31pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Our History:
Some girls have been having AIM chats. It started out as the Association to Get Pav Laid because we think Pav is an Uber-Virgin and needs some play. But it has grown to so much more than that. We come together to discuss out Miracle boys, their bodies, stuff like that. You will have to join and find out the mysterious happenings of the Association.

Amanda (me): Madame President
Libby: co-Vice President
Janine: co-Vice President
Meg: Secretary

How to Join:
contact Amanda (AIM: HerRoyalPavlines)
Libby (AIM: elizabeth17x)
Janine (AIM: LadybugJB476)
-tell us who you are, how old you are, Miracle boy of choice and reason for wanting to join.

-read boy claims CAREFULLY. there is no harm in saying "OC is so hot" but saying he is "yours" if he is not will make people mad at you
-all claims ARE final.
-please, NO WHINING
-respect eachother. we will respect you.
-have a sense of humor. things get crazy and wild. roll with it. it makes it fun for everyone if you do.
-represent the Association at all times.

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